Dino Park in the Dark

It's after hours at Backyard Terrors Dinosaur Park..and a volcanic eruption has the dinosaurs all riled up! Sneak through the park and discover the mystery of dinosaurs in the dark, here the sounds of the T-Rex crashing through the trees as the sirens signal a warning. See park staff trying to recapture escaped dinosaurs! See trees alive with fireflies and escape the fire erupting volcano! 

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Birthday Parties

Parties are available from March-November

We have a large new 18'x21' covered structure for our picnic area. It has six tables in it. We ask for a 50.00 donation for use of the facilities in addition our portable toilet is a fee of 25.00 , this is required since with a party it requires an additional cleaning and supplies( if the party is after October this fee is waived since no toilet will be available). We charge no admission prices as always, if you want any donation is appreciated after the 75.00 if you like. A non-refundable fee of $25.00 is required a place reserve your party.

Trash disposal is included, just have everything cleaned up and put in bags for us !

Note portable toilet will not be available after October unless by special arrangement, we can have one brought here and set up for 100.00 by Blountville Septic. Toilet will be available at the first of March.

We do have an actor that will make an appearance for photos on as as available basis as a dinosaur (Indominus Rex from Jurassic World) for a fee of 50.00 contact early to check availability. ( see photo below ) Number of guests is only limited by parking. Feel free to bring any extra chairs or tables you may need.

Please message or email for any more info ! You can contact us here: We also recommend Party Central for your decor needs or ask us, with advance notification we can order just about anything for you. No funds are required til day of the party, just put in an envelope and drop in our donation box. Thank you! Backyard Terrors Staff

Field Trips

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