Backyard Terrors started in 2007 with our first dinosaur sculpture in our backyard...where else? Since we have created and put together a plethora of things for all themes, pirates, monsters, dinosaurs, aliens, you name it! We do set design and can make an entire display or just make one unique piece. We also do some rentals. Backyard Terrors also operates The Funhouse Haunted Attraction, Monsters,Myths,and Legends and the Dinosaur Park , a non-profit free admission attraction for all ages.

Aside from the business end as detailed above we have a life size dinosaur park on site that is open year round, admission is donation only.

Park Map

View Mesozoic Nature Trail map to see where the all the dinosaurs are located.

Where are we?

We are located about 4 miles south east of Bluff City, TN or about 8 miles north of Elizabethton, TN

Trip Advisor

We currently have a 5 Star rating on Trip Advisor

Dino Park in the Dark

Bring your flashlights and your courage ! The powers out and the dinosaurs are on the loose!

Field Trips

The tour is self guided and there are information plaques near each prehistoric creature!

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Monsters Myths and Legends is a new event for April and will require it's own page Monsters, Myths, and Legends.

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Backyard Terrors™ presents The Funhouse Haunt! Backyard Terrors specializes in creating anything you can think up! We can make that one special thing you need, or design an entire attraction!
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