Field Trips (Currently Unavailable at This Time)

The tour is self guided and there are information plaques near each prehistoric creature detailing when and where they were found along with interesting facts.   There are  a couple "dark" exhibits that may be thrilling for the really young kids, some are good with it a few are don't like the movement of the dinos and darkness. We have a fossil dig site with rubber mulch that the kids can dig through in stations, with signs helping to I.D. each discovery.  We also have a playground area with slides as well that is very popular.  There is a small giftshop as you enter/exit with items ranging from .25 cents and up. All funds raised go back into upkeep and improvements.  Lastly we have a larger picnic spot with 6 tables in it.  The Park is spread out over roughly 6 acres , with large groups we recommend dividing up into smaller groups each with enough adult supervision to get a better experience. We have had groups of 60 and more work there way through the Park with no problem before, and then we've had groups of 80 plus divide up that also enjoyed it.   Time it would take to make through is tough to guess, but a question we are often asked, some move faster than others.   I would say 1-2 hours as a start?

As you may know we do not charge any admission fees here, we operate entirely on donations. Some teachers do 2.00 a student or something similar, this isn't required, we're more than happy if you can get here and have fun. If you do want to make a donation, a check made out to me, Chris Kastner, is acceptable or cash in our donation box at the entrance. Again, just to let you know.

Email us for a map of the Park and a printable maze sheet if you want to use them as well as a digital brochure.

Let us know the date you'd like and the time and we'll mark it down.



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